Bonnie Craig by Paul Fletcher

Bonnie Christine Craig was born in Calgary, Alberta, March 30, 1976.  She was the first daughter, granddaughter and sister!  We all were so incredibly happy to have a girl in the family.  She got pink everything!  Her older brother,  Jason, was very protective and taught her a lot as they were growing up together. 

As a 5 year old she was thrilled to gain a new brother, Adam.  He was her real live "Cabbage Patch Doll."  She took care of him from day one.  She was even more excited when a baby sister, Samantha, came along, since she could dress her up in pretty little outfits.  Adam wouldn't allow that!

Our family moved from Calgary to the San Francisco area where we lived in the East Bay; Concord, CA.  The kids were thrilled to have a big back yard with a swimming pool.  However, it wasn't long before the  pool was traded in for an ice rink when we were shipped up to Anchorage, Alaska.  The kids loved it there more!  Of course, BP didn't take long to move us on out to Midland, Texas.  Although, not a big town in West Texas, it's a family town with lots of sports for the kids. 

After about 2 years in Midland we headed to Houston, Texas, for a brief stay, living in a community called Sugarland.  Then it was back up to Anchorage, Alaska.  When asked, all the kids said if they could live anywhere in the world, Anchorage would be their choice.  Without a doubt, they were all glad to be heading back north.

Bonnie attended Hanshew  Junior High School and Robert Service High School.  She was very active in sports, music and many social clubs.  She helped coach swimming and diving, played violin and viola in the school orchestra, and even started a group, SADD, Students Against Drunk Driving.  She lost a good friend, Katie Garcia, to a drunk driving accident, so the club was started in Katie's honor. 

Bonnie was also the first girl to make the Service High School Wrestling Team.  Her goal was to never get pinned.  

She started her first semester at UAA, University of Alaska, Anchorage.  She wanted to be a psychologist.  She was abducted on her way to a 7:00 am class then raped and brutally murdered out at McHugh Creek.

Bonnie touched many lives all across the country during her short 18 years.  It is always so amazing to hear from the many people who fondly remember and share their stories about Bonnie. 

For those who want to share a story about Bonnie, or her impact on your life, we are providing an opportunity to share on the Facebook Page, Justice For Bonnie.  

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Dateline Producer Cathy Singer and Keith Morrison did an incredible job honoring Bonnie in this touching video. Thank you to all the staff at  Dateline for their kindness and understanding.  

Karen Foster

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