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For more information on DNA Profiles please go to the Laws page.  Check out what a DNA Profile really looks like.  There is a lot of misunderstanding about the privacy issues and the constitutionality of collection of DNA on Arrest.  Knowledge is the best tool to help with those issues.  

A DNA profile is nothing more than a group of numbers, similar to the bar codes we see on products in the stores.  There is no intimate, sensitive information that the government will have.

 Justice For Bonnie is available on line at   For Lawmakers who are interested in getting information and would like support to help get a bill passed in their state, please don't hesitate to contact me.  I will email information to help ensure passage of the bill into law.  

We need all 50 states and Canada to collect DNA on all felony arrests (on all indictable arrests in Canada). 

For those living in states and Canada who would like information to pass on, please contact me. I can email you the information needed to inform your legislators.

For victims and survivors, my heart goes out to you.  Whether it's a recent crime or "Cold Case," I welcome you sharing your stories.  I will do all I can to help.  The bond between victims and survivors is incredibly strong.  It's difficult dealing with the press, law enforcement and all the emotions of our tragedies.  Unfortunately, no one can prepare for such tragedies.  There are many who can share their experiences, and what they learned the hard way.

I wrote Justice for Bonnie along with I.J. Schector with the hopes we can make positive change.  We hope to help prevent other families from suffering as mine did.  

No one should get away with murder. rape, nor any other heinous crime; with the collection of DNA on all felony arrests, they won't.

Karen Foster

Justice For Bonnie

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