Dear Lawmaker,

Few things can be changed in our laws that could have as much of an impact on so many lives and save the government time and money as changing the laws to "Collection of DNA on All Felony Arrests."  Collection on all felony  arrests is imperative to stop repeat offenders and to protect the public.  No one should get away with murder, rape, nor any other heinous crime.  With collection of DNA on Arrest, they won't.

In my daughter, Bonnie Craig's case, we could have identified Kenneth Dion within weeks had DNA been collected on felony arrest.  All the time spent investigating this case could have been spared.  It took almost 17 years; 12 years to identify him then another 4 years to get the case to trial.  Investigators had taken over 230 audio interviews, done 10,000+ pages of investigation, and taken over 110 DNAs  from various suspects.  We ended up dealing with over 50 pretrial hearings, three different defense attorneys, two judges, two prosecutors and 6 court dates before the jury trial actually started May 17th, 2011.  Keep in mind he was identified November 30th, 2006. 

I have spoken to various judicial committees in a number of states.  I have written letters and emails and made phone calls.  I would be willing to do whatever was necessary to support a bill in your state to help ensure the collection of DNA on arrest becomes law.

There are many people out there with similar stories.  More than likely we can find people from your state to help support a bill for collection of DNA on all felony arrests.  I can provide you with information and names to help make this bill law!  Below are some files that demonstrate how critical collection of DNA on all felony arrests is to protecting the public.

Please don't hesitate to contact me for more information.

Below is a map indicating the 29 states that currently collect DNA on Arrest from the DNA Saves Website.  Jayann Sepich, who also lost her daughter to murder, has dedicated her life to the mission of changing DNA laws.  She has traveled across the country pushing to get all 50 states to collect DNA on Arrest.  If your state isn't one of the ones that collects DNA on Arrest( indicated by grey) contact your law makers and demand that protection. No one should get away with murder!

Karen Foster

Justice For Bonnie

States collecting DNA on Arrest
DNA Profile

This is what a DNA Offender Profile looks like.  There is no intimate knowledge about the offender's health.  Only "Junk DNA" is used in a profile.  It is similar to a bar code on products in the store.   It only identifies the person.

Much like when a blood test is taken from a women to determine if she is pregnant, a doctor can't tell her what her blood type is, whether her thyroid is working, or if she has AIDS, a DNA Profile reveals nothing about the offender's health or personal  "intimate knowledge."  It doesn't even reveal eye color.  It is merely an identification process that is incredibly accurate and can not be changed.

Do you know how your state is doing with collection of DNA?  Go to the FBI Statistics Page.  Find out how many unsolved crimes there are with DNA evidence (Forensic Samples), how many offender profiles have been collected, are they collecting DNA on Arrest, and how many investigations have been aided. in your state.  Click on the button.

ChicagoPreventableCrimes-Final.pdf ChicagoPreventableCrimes-Final.pdf
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Indiana Arrestee Cost Study (rev 3.6).pdf Indiana Arrestee Cost Study (rev 3.6).pdf
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DNA Profile Finger Print of the 21st Century

Drafter's Checklist for Arrestee Legislation

For more information go to www.  Mitch Morrissey is a wealth of information.  

Also you can go to for additional information.  

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need help getting a bill passed.  There are many people who will help testify for the collection of DNA on all felony arrests.

Canada's DNA Databank Statistics   Canada waits until after conviction.  Canada's DNA Database has 100,000 DNA profiles of evidence from unsolved crimes!  Unlike the USA, the law only needs to be changed at the federal level, not at provincial levels.  Canadians need to put pressure on their lawmakers to have DNA collected on all indictable arrests.  Below is a flyer for those interested in getting the laws changed in Canada.  Send it to your lawmakers!  Get signatures if you like! Contact media.  Add to your website and Facebook Page.  No one should get away with murder.

Crime Stoppers Info .pdf Crime Stoppers Info .pdf
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