MSNBC Dateline's show on Justice for Bonnie aired in January 14, 2012, hosted by  Keith Morrison.  Includes interviews with family members, old news file footage, interview with killer, Kenneth Dion, and scene video.  Shows were done by Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall, A Mother's Mission, Unsolved Mysteries, among others.

Daily there are more arrests and convictions due to collection of DNA.  DNA WORKS!  It protects the innocent and keeps the innocent out of jail.  More than 300 people, wrongly accused, have spent years and decades in prison for a crime they did not commit.  With the advances in DNA, these people were able to prove their innocence and were set free.  The real criminals who committed those crimes remain free to wander our streets to commit more crimes.  Collection of DNA on all felony arrests will help to prevent such tragedies.  It will ensure the right person is convicted.  DNA is much more reliable than eyewitness reports, finger prints and other evidence.  It is by far the strongest evidence science has discovered.  It is the Fingerprint of the 21st Century.

Victims, advocates, lawmakers and law enforcement breathed a huge sigh of relief June 3, 2013 when  the US Supreme Court ruled collection of DNA on Arrest was not a violation of our constitution.  

For more information go to:  www.NIJ.GOV  and

What is a DNA Profile?  

So much information is out there regarding the government having intimate knowledge of your's an invasion of privacy. It's an unreasonable search and seizure.   A DNA profile is nothing more than a group of numbers similar to a bar code that you see on products in the store.  

This is what a DNA Profile looks like:






This is the only information sent to NDIS

There is no name attached; the crime lab has to contact the law enforcement agency that submitted the sample once a match or hit comes up, then the law enforcement agency has to look up the case.  The suspect is still innocent, until proven guilty.  Law enforcement now has to re-test the suspect and take another DNA sample to ensure it is a match.This involves swabbing the inside of the cheek with something similar to a large Q-tip.  Then  they have to build their case and prove it in court. 

MSNBC Dateline  show "Justice for Bonnie" with Keith Morrison (Aired January 13, 2012)

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This video includes all 6 parts of the Dateline show followed by the Alaska State Trooper interview with killer, Kenneth Dion, and then a touching video, "Remembering Bonnie."

Once the video starts you can click on "Options" button to pick the video you would like to watch.   I would like to thank Keith Morrison and producer, Cathy Singer.  They were incredibly kind and considerate to us and did an amazing job explaining our 17 years of hell.

Thank you to all the Dateline staff,

Karen Foster

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